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About Prosper Africa

Prosper Africa is a U.S. Government initiative that increases trade and investment between Africa and the U.S.

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Africa plays an important role in the global economy with some of the fastest-growing economies in the world and a young, growing, and rapidly urbanizing population.

The United States has incredible opportunities for African business, too:  a large consumer base, the world’s deepest capital markets, and a commitment to job creation, transparency, and social responsibility. Increased economic engagement between the United States and Africa creates jobs, fuels economic growth, and advances shared prosperity.

This is where Prosper Africa comes in. Prosper Africa brings together services and resources from across the U.S. Government to empower businesses with market insights, financing, and support finding and closing deals.

Here’s how we work:

  • We facilitate transactions. We leverage the services and resources of 17 U.S. Government agencies to generate a pipeline of deal opportunities. And, we work hand-in-hand with the private sector to identify partners, advance opportunities, and close deals. 
  • We shape future opportunities. We work with our African government and private sector partners to overcome barriers to two-way trade and investment, and we identify and promote new opportunities.

Our Team

The Prosper Africa Executive Secretariat coordinates initiative activities, leads private-sector outreach, and serves as a one-stop shop where U.S. and African businesses and investors can access the full suite of U.S. Government services and resources. 

The Secretariat–which has teams in Washington, DC and Johannesburg, South Africa–works with 17 participating U.S. Government departments and agencies to advance Prosper Africa’s goals.

U.S. Embassy Deal Teams across North and sub-Saharan Africa work closely with the Secretariat, the 17 participating Prosper Africa agencies, and U.S. and African businesses and investors, to identify trade and investment deals and provide robust U.S. Government support to help U.S and African businesses and investors bring those deals to close.

Our Impact Our Impact


deals closed


in new exports and investments


countries where deals closed

We make it easier than ever to access U.S. Government support

Prosper Africa is a one-stop-shop so you don’t have to waste valuable resources navigating Washington in order to do business in the U.S. and Africa.

  • Get market insights

    Learn about the economic opportunities available today and those emerging tomorrow.

  • Find and close deals

    Our deal teams in Washington, DC and at U.S. embassies across Africa are available to help you advance new business opportunities.

  • Secure financing

    We support businesses and investors in securing financing—grants, loans, and more—through our resources gathered from 17 government agencies.