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What is Prosper Africa? How is it different from other U.S. Government programs?

Prosper Africa is a new way of doing business that provides U.S. and African businesses and investors with a comprehensive U.S. Government support package to improve their competitiveness. The Initiative deploys a robust toolkit of trade and investment services and resources, making them more effective and easier for firms to access.

Does Prosper Africa focus on specific countries or sectors within Africa?

Prosper Africa supports viable trade and investment opportunities in any country or sector across all of Africa where our engagement can expand U.S.-Africa trade and investment.

What is Prosper Africa doing to support trade and investment in the wake of COVID-19?

The Prosper Africa toolkit includes a growing portfolio of trade and investment support services across the U.S. Government. We are adapting existing tools and creating new ones to help U.S. and African businesses and investors adjust their strategies, protect their investments, and find new opportunities in the wake of COVID-19. You can learn more here.