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Kenyan Tech Company Uses Prosper Africa Tools to Support Women and Health

  • Kenya, Rwanda
  • eCommerce

The Challenge

In the wake of COVID-19, delivery of healthcare products is more important than ever. A lack of access to health products, such as personal protective equipment, and personal care products can lead to increased risk of health complications and a decrease in the quality of life that leads to consequences such as school absences. Kasha is an American-founded, Kenya-based eCommerce platform that delivers health and personal care products to women across Kenya and Rwanda. The company , which has delivered products to low- and middle-income women, has faced challenges in scaling up its services.

Our Solution & Impact

With an investment from the U.S. International Development Finance Corporation (DFC), Kasha will expand its eCommerce platform, delivering critical health and personal protective equipment to people across Rwanda and Kenya. This $1 million investment from the DFC is also projected to create over 350 formal jobs, 90 percent of which are expected to be filled by women.