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Millennium Challenge Corporation Launches the Togo Threshold Program

  • Togo
  • ICT

The Challenge

Togo has faced challenges connecting rural citizens with affordable information and communications technology (ICT) services. Without real-time information access, many small businesses struggle to set accurate prices. At the same time, property rights are the foundation of economic activity – yet many Togolese citizens face daunting paperwork when trying to secure access to their land. Without secure property rights, it is difficult to make investment decisions in the country.

Our Solution & Impact

The Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) has partnered with the Government of Togo to launch the Togo Threshold Program. The Togo Threshold Program has two focus areas: ICT and land access. The ICT project will help increase competition and expand access to affordable, high quality ICT services. By driving private sector investment into the sector, MCC aims to increase ICT access among small businesses and women and expand service to underserved areas. The land project will support the Government of Togo in strengthening the legal framework so that Togolese citizens can legitimize their land rights. By having rights to their land, Togolese farmers will be able to invest in higher-value crops.

“The MCC Togo Threshold Program places Togo’s citizens at the center of the country’s economic growth strategy by expanding access to the internet and communications technology, especially for underserved populations, women, and youth.”

Sean Cairncross MCC CEO