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Responding to the Economic Impact of COVID-19

“Prosper Africa is working across the highest levels of government to support and amplify the business community’s role in economic recovery.”

Adam Boehler Prosper Africa Executive Chairman

U.S. Government departments and agencies are adapting existing trade and investment tools, and creating new ones, to help U.S. and African businesses and investors adjust their strategies, protect their investments, and find new opportunities in the wake of COVID-19.

We encourage you to explore the tools below.

Export to Africa IconFor U.S. Firms Exporting to Africa

Invest in Africa IconFor U.S. Firms Investing in Africa

Export to the United States IconFor African Firms Exporting to the United States

Invest in the United States IconFor African Firms Investing in the United States

We’ve been talking to U.S. business leaders about how COVID-19 is changing investment opportunities in Africa. Explore our full interview series here.